Why buy Maryton electric nail drill?

All kinds of electric nail drills can be seen everywhere, but the quality is uneven. If you want the perfect manicure, then you must not miss the Maryton nail drill. Today, we will tell you why you should buy Maryton electric nail drill.


Can go up to 30,000 rpm, you can adjust the speed so you can adjust it according to your needs.

Types of nails

There are two types of nails: natural and acrylic and gel false nails. The electric nail file works on both types of nails.


With over 2 nail bits and 19 sand bands for added versatility. This allows versatile use of your device.

Ease of use

It is a user-friendly device where you change heads to easily file. In addition, care and maintenance are also easy.


Choose a device with an ergonomic design for comfortable handling. Also ensure that the device produces little noise, heat and vibration during operation.

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