Why do nails break?

Nail cracks sometimes occur in daily life. Why do nails break? In this article, Maryton Nail Supply will explain to you why nails break. Just keep reading!

– If the nail is broken lengthwise, this is most likely due to the tool used to cut the capsule. It is essential to use a suitable foil cutter. Using a straight scissor rather than a suitable nail clipper weakens the capsule because it puts pressure on the nail. At the slightest shock, the capsule cracks.

– If the nail is broken flush with the natural nail, 3 reasons can explain this:

• The size of the capsule was incorrectly chosen.

• The break points have been released too much.

• Recovery was insufficient.

– Finally, in a majority of cases, breakage is due to unsuitable nail length and “extension”.

One rule must be respected: the length of the nail obtained must never exceed twice the initial length of the natural nail. In addition, I recommend investing in some professional manicure sets in your manicure work.

Please note, if you are working on bitten or very short nails, the length of the capsule should be limited to the tip of the finger.

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