6 Fall Nail Trends to Start Wearing Today

Any girl who loves to look good all the time knows that even the smallest details count. This means that aside from having your makeup on point and your outfit looking fab, your nails should also be a top priority. Whether you like plain nails or you prefer having them look more decorated and ornate, you have to first keep them healthy. This way, no matter how you choose to do your nails, they will always look great. Speaking of nails, check out these 6 fall nail trends that you can start wearing today.

1. FLOATING MANICURES – give your nails a fun and edgy look by creating the illusion of a floating manicure. These are so easy to make, so forgiving and so versatile which is why it has been a backstage favorite in many fashion shows.

2. WATERCOLOR NAILS – if you find the staple colors of fall to be too dark and harsh, you can balance out your look by opting for watercolor nails. This is a really pretty way to add lots of colors to your usual dark / neutral fall look without really going over the top. Check out this tutorial on how to get it done.

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3. STRIPES – for the newbies out there who love a good nail look, try incorporating stripes in your manicure. Use nail strip tapes for easier and more convenient designs or go freestyle for a more rustic look and feel.

4. METALLIC OMBRE – a lot of people are getting more and more excited for the holiday season and if you’re excited too and you want some subtle holiday cheer, why not go for a metallic ombre nail art. Play with different finishes if you feel like going metallic on metallic is a bit too much for you.

5. SHADES OF NUDE – now, for those who prefer to keep their nails looking simple, any nude shade would be perfect. For a slightly more adventurous look, you can wear several shades of nude on your fingernails (a different colors on each one) too. This is ideal for those who want something really simple and minimal.

6. PUMPKIN INSPIRED – last on the list of must try fall nail trends, of course, is anything pumpkin inspired. We all know fall is the perfect time to get your pumpkin spice on so why not bring that over to your nails as well? pumpkin-inspired manicures are going to look so perfect with those Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Latte / Frappe Instagram shots.

Source: glamradar.com

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