Accessories for impeccable semi-permanent varnish application

Before you start your semi-permanent manicure, make sure you have all the essential accessories to succeed. This is a small investment that will pay for itself very quickly and is much less expensive than your trips to the beautician.

You will then need several accessories:

  • a UV/LED lamp
  • a nail file
  • a buffing block
  • a cuticle pusher stick
  • a primer
  • a base coat
  • a top coat
  • a semi-permanent varnish
  • a cleaner
Disposable Individually Packed Nail Manicure Sets

To acquire all these accessories as well as pretty nail polish colors, you can also get a complete manicure kit. Before any application, you must prepare your nails well, they must be clean and smooth so that the varnish adheres well. Your manicure will be shiny and the polish will last longer.

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